29 November 2021 Dear Everyone:   I hope this long weekend just past was sufficiently restorative so as to energize you through these final weeks of the term. I admit I sometimes (oftentimes, even) find the onset of winter holiday season more enervating than energizing, so am especially glad for quieter moments; hope you managed… Read More

22 November 2021 Dear Everyone: Of course it isn’t the case that it’s only on the holiday designated for giving thanks that we offer gratitude for the lives we lead, nor should it be the case that on this holiday, we ignore the foundational devastation that it is designed to occlude. Perhaps, then, as we… Read More

15 November 2021 Dear Everyone: Big thanks to everyone who joined us on Friday for the final seminar related to our search for a consortial appointment in US Latinx studies, with particular appreciation to Nik Valdez for most excellent respondent comments, and Nancy Silverman, for organizing and managing five of these this semester! This search… Read More

8 November 2021 Dear Everyone: It was so great to see so many faces gathered for the spring course preview on Friday. Many thanks to all  for introducing us to your classes. It is just plain happy-making to hear the range of work and thinking organizing the courses offered next semester, which will undoubtedly inspire… Read More

1 November 2021 Dear Everyone: With apologies for those who closed out the US Latinx seminar on Friday because this will be repetitive, but this delights me so much, I want to share with all: did you know that bats scream incredibly loudly — like, at rock concert decibels loudly — but because they do… Read More