22 March 2021 Dear Everyone: So much has happened in a week, including the start of spring with sunny and warm days, program conversations and committee work on faculty appointments and curriculum revision, continuing work on admissions and all the seminars meeting and such, and, on the personal front, my first professional haircut in more… Read More

15 March 2021 Dear Everyone: There was so much going on in the program on Friday! It was quite strange, really, to have such a distinctive sense of place — the program as a distinctive space — despite the virtually mediated nature of our gatherings.  Strange, yes, but quite great, as it was a reminder… Read More

8 March 2021 Dear Everyone: Here we are, facing the anniversary of the transition to remote mode. I’ve been trying to figure out what or how I feel about this — really, whether I have feelings about it that are distinct or distinguishable from the general muddle. Maybe unexpectedly, I find I’m mostly annoyed! — by… Read More

1 March 2021 Dear Everyone: My first note of this message is an offering of thanks to Sonali Perera for organizing this past Friday’s event, “Where is the Indian in Aztlá​n?”, María Josefina Saldaña-Portillo’s rich and incisive lecture, with brilliant response by Chandan Reddy.  By urging us to consider the exigences for and meaningfulness of… Read More