25 April 2022 Dear Everyone: Just a few weeks left of spring term! I know it can be difficult to regain momentum after spring break, and/but hope you were able to step away for a bit, to recoup what energies you could and will need to see your way through to the end — I’m rooting for you/for us all through… Read More

11 April 2022 Dear Everyone: Not an iota of surprise that last Friday’s Forum, featuring remarks by the marvelous Wayne Koestenbaum and Cindi Katz, in conversation with the also marvelous Eric Dean Wilson on his wonderful(ly discomfiting) book After Cooling: On Freon, Global Warming, and the Terrible Cost of Cooling, was so full of lively intellect and… Read More

4 April 2022 Dear Everyone: Here we are in April! A month introduced by the cherishing of fools! I gave a lecture last week on the subject of Asian Americanist pedagogy, and in the Q&A, was asked why I was so optimistic about the work we can do in and through the academy despite, well,… Read More