26 April 2021 Dear Everyone: The tulips are in full bloom in my yard — spectacular primary colors thrown against the new greens of spring make me not mind so much that every allergen seems intent on making me sneeze — particularly unpleasant in a mask, lol!  (Very, very small price to pay for the… Read More

19 April 2021 Dear Everyone: I’ve mostly stopped asking people how they’re doing because it’s almost unanswerable, at least in the course of any reasonable length conversation. But, in trying to compose this note to you, I find myself wondering anew and wanting to ask each and all, how are you doing? In this past… Read More

12 April 2021 Dear Everyone:   If you were able to attend Professor Todd Craig’s super generous and engaging lecture on Friday, you’ll maybe have been googling the music he referred to – from James Brown’s Funky Drummer to Rapsody’s Eve among so many other citations – as you were listening to how language and… Read More

5 April 2021 Dear Everyone: We’ve made it to the second half of the semester! Brava to all of us for chugging along yet and still! I hope those who were able to take a break actually did last week, at least from the academic part of your lives – so many do multiple things,… Read More