22 February 2021 Dear Everyone: This weekend felt absurdly short! Like it just began and then poof, it was gone!  I know for some – maybe many? – people who work in higher ed, weekends and weekdays are meaningless insofar as the kind of work we do doesn’t readily stay contained to regular business hours.… Read More

16 February 2021 Dear Everyone:   Maybe especially because it’s been so cold and icy around here, and most certainly because we’ve been in this hunkered down stage now for nearly a year, Friday’s Queer Valentines forum was an enormously welcome hit of warmth and light — thank you once again to Madeleine Barnes for… Read More

8 February 2021 Dear Everyone: I hope you’re able to join the celebration of queer love and live on Friday!  Big thanks to Madeleine Barnes and Olivia Wood for hosting this upcoming Friday Forum! It is also a rather perfect way of welcoming the year of the ox!  Friday is the Lunar New Year! As… Read More

1 February 2021 Dear Everyone: I’m watching the snow coming down hard as I write this – where I am in northern NJ, we’ve got about six inches already. I’m so sorry we aren’t having a proper snow day, with classes canceled and all (virtual classes and work continues today, per the institutional message we… Read More