30 November 2020 Dear Everyone: Almost! Almost to the end of term, to the close of 2020, to the start of new reading and writing and rhythms! I know “almost” can be excruciating and nestles perhaps too unnervingly closely with the big deferrals — of justice and equity and cherished life in robust forms —… Read More

23 November 2020 Dear Everyone: I’m glad so many of you were able to attend Professor Abdulhamit Arvas’s really super great Friday Forum lecture last week — special thanks to Rob Yates for organizing, and Mario DiGangi and Tanya Pollard for remarks that super generatively extended the lecture – it was a full house! I… Read More

16 November 2020 Dear Everyone: At MoMA right now, there’s an exhibit that focuses on drawing – more specifically, on line. I spent some time there during my foray into NYC, captivated in part by its suggestion to return to foundations, to basics – pen/pencil and paper – and how and why the necessity of… Read More

9 November 2020 Dear Everyone: Perhaps there was some dancing and noise-making in the streets for you this past weekend! I wonder if there wasn’t for you as for me, exhaustion and relief and joy and nervousness and (however cautious) hope and confoundedness all at once. I expect many of you share the immense gratitude… Read More

2 November 2020 Dear Everyone: I hope you were able to attend one of the events we held last Friday – the prospectus workshop and the faculty book publication session – not only because of the super helpful insights and advice offered, but also and equally importantly, because they modeled the kind of intellectual and… Read More