25 April 2022

Dear Everyone:

Just a few weeks left of spring term! I know it can be difficult to regain momentum after spring break, and/but hope you were able to step away for a bit, to recoup what energies you could and will need to see your way through to the end — I’m rooting for you/for us all through these final bits of the year!

A wonderful bit of vitalizing news to share, which is the addition to the English Program faculty of Professors Melissa Castillo-Planas, William Orchard, and Richard Perez! We are extremely fortunate to be able now to count among our ranks these terrifically accomplished, generous and generative scholars and teachers working across the heterogeneous terrain of U.S. Latinx literatures and cultures. Please join me in welcoming them most warmly. And, huge, giant thanks to the immensely hard-working Faculty Membership Committee for seeing this search through, and with most excellent care, integrity, and thoughtfulness — Tanya Agathocleous, Duncan Faherty, Matt Gold, Eric Lott, Mary McGlynn, Alan Vardy, Cary Fitzgerald, Andre Perez,and Alexa Punnamkuzhyil, sincerest thank you on all our behalf, and to Nancy Silverman as ever, for all the behind-the-scenes work that makes all of this happen!

Looking ahead, we have a couple of busy weeks ahead of us!

This Friday, 29 April, features the English Student Association conference, which promises to be both good and fun!
Registration and information is here: https://hopin.com/events/breakin-black-reachin-back-virtual-conference/registration

The following Friday, 6 May, we’ll hold our open program meeting, followed by prizes and awards announcements, before ESA’s Revels unfold — more details on all of that to follow!

Finally for now, heads-up especially to 2020, 2021, and 2022/current year graduates, here is information about commencement, scheduled for 9 June in person!: https://www.gc.cuny.edu/commencement/commencement-2022  I will be there and look forward to celebrating the occasion with everyone!

Abundant well wishes, as ever —

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