28 March 2022 Dear Everyone: By my count, we’ve just about six weeks to go of the semester, including the week of spring break — absurdly late in the term as ever. It all might feel especially something of a slog right now — appropriate to mud season, perhaps — and given that, I’m particularly… Read More

21 March 2022 Dear Everyone: This is a message full of things to know — or at least, things I think you might find of interest or useful somehow. The last week has featured information coming down from various corners of CUNY; you’ll find those several items below, in addition of course to the things… Read More

14 March 2022 Dear Everyone: These bright, sunny days promising spring, punctuating the winter cold that seemingly won’t let go — appetite-whetting teasers! The springing-ahead-lose-an-hour is for some more a tormenting reminder that warmth will return than an appealing promise, perhaps, though as a hard-wired early riser, I admit I do rather enjoy the longer… Read More

7 March 2022 Dear Everyone: When my older child was wee, he was allergic to peanuts. He started school and his teachers dutifully and helpfully circulated to his classmates’ parents a request that things with peanuts in them not be sent to school with their kids. A few of them grumbled about the inconvenience of… Read More