(from 30 July 2020) Dear Everyone: This JustOneThing is a collection of small suggestions that I’ve gathered over the past months – from some of you, from social media sources, from students, etc.  I’ve found them helpful and think/hope you might, too. In no particular order: 20-20-20.  Many of you will already know this formula… Read More

(from 20 July 2020 email — attachment removed) Dear Faculty and Student Colleagues: Last month, I asked students enrolled in spring ’20 courses about their distance learning experiences; I’ve attached the results here as a JustOneThing.  As you’ll see, only 12 students responded, so, not a representative sample.  But, the responses identify issues and ideas… Read More

(from 2 July 20 email) Dear Everyone: I’m piggybacking on Alycia’s message from yesterday (below), to keep the library information in this thread, the aim of which is to focus on specific items related to remote teaching/distance learning.  As I noted in my message yesterday, if that broad topic is not relevant, delete at sight… Read More