brava/bravo to all who performed! many thanks to Will Arguelles, Christian Lewis, Olivia Wood, and Rob Yates for organizing, producing, and executing the event!… Read More

(from 26 August 2020 email) Dear Everyone: Welcome to the new year! Though I wish so much summer could extend forever, with equal intensity, I love the start of a semester, when everything is sheer promise and potential and possibility. Even in this year so intensely full of loss of every kind, I’m finding the… Read More

(from 30 July 2020) Dear Everyone: This JustOneThing is a collection of small suggestions that I’ve gathered over the past months – from some of you, from social media sources, from students, etc.  I’ve found them helpful and think/hope you might, too. In no particular order: 20-20-20.  Many of you will already know this formula… Read More

(from 20 July 2020 email — attachment removed) Dear Faculty and Student Colleagues: Last month, I asked students enrolled in spring ’20 courses about their distance learning experiences; I’ve attached the results here as a JustOneThing.  As you’ll see, only 12 students responded, so, not a representative sample.  But, the responses identify issues and ideas… Read More

(from 28 July 2020 email) Dear Everyone: I’ll write more about more matters soon, but wanted to let you know more immediately that the GC is officially remote for fall 20.  We’ve been heading in that direction, I know, but the building has made the official call now.   More to follow regarding planning/course design… Read More

(from 29 July 2020 email) Dear Everyone: This is the “more” regarding fall 20 promised in my brief note yesterday. First, three admin items of note, please: 1. Karl Steel has graciously agreed to chair the Curriculum Committee for us for the coming AY.  (I’d previously and mistakenly identified John Brenkman in that capacity; the… Read More

(from 1 July 2020 email) Dear Everyone: Today, I officially start year two of my stint as EO.  In starting the first year, I thought the biggest external thing we’d be dealing with in the program was Middle States…!  I know some measure and mixture of anger, anxiety, and exhaustion are the defining affective orientations… Read More

(from 2 July 20 email) Dear Everyone: I’m piggybacking on Alycia’s message from yesterday (below), to keep the library information in this thread, the aim of which is to focus on specific items related to remote teaching/distance learning.  As I noted in my message yesterday, if that broad topic is not relevant, delete at sight… Read More