27 September 2021 Dear Everyone:   A huge note of appreciation with which to open this message, to Siraj Ahmed for producing a fantastic Open House on Friday, and Alessandra Occhiolini, Zoë Hu, Mitchell Wilson, Nancy Silverman, Amy Wan, and Duncan Faherty for making it fantastic! Thoughtful, generous, specific, deliberately designed to be helpful in… Read More

20 September 2021 Dear Everyone: This week is Chuseok, the Korean holiday to give thanks for bountiful harvest and gather hope for the year to come. Color and food (and colorful food) shared with beloveds, it’s a favorite holiday of mine. I will think distinctly and deliberately of you all with gratitude and hope in celebrating this… Read More

13 September 2021 Dear Everyone: It was great to be with so many of you on Friday — during the various meetings held earlier in the day, and through the Friday Forum. Thank you to everyone showing up to do the work in all the different forms! Especial thanks to Joan Richardson, Mario DiGangi, Siraj… Read More

7 September 2020 Dear Everyone: Those of you who joined us for Friday’s Critical Karaoke Greatest Hits were treated to a slate of immensely creative and joyfully fun eruptions of brilliance — exactly the thing to launch the year and more immediately the long, last weekend of summer. Huge thanks to Will Arguelles and Christian… Read More