Along with Luke Church and Sarah Schwartz, who generously shared their experiences of moving from oral to dissertation committees, Feisal Mohamed and Nancy Silverman offered insight from faculty and program/building admin perspectives in the session we held on Friday, 24 April.  Paralleling the questions organizing the first Constituting Committees session (summary of which is here),… Read More

this post collects the email messages I’ve sent to the english listserv since we transitioned to remote mode — fyi for the video and other informational links embedded! ——————————————————————————————————————– Wednesday, 3/11/2020, Subject: okay, then… here we go, to distance learning for the rest of the spring term.  I know your inboxes are overwhelmed with links… Read More

I’m compiling here lists of the presses etc. that are making access to books freely available right now. These have mostly come across the English listserv, gathered here for convenience.… Read More

I’m trying this out as a place to collect ideas and information generated over the past several weeks — the ideas and information about things like moving to on-line teaching and streamlining assignments, what expectations we might have about teaching and studying in the present, and what progress milestones look and feel like just now. … Read More

[]     []   Dear Friends of A/P/A Institute at NYU, We hope that you and all your loved ones are keeping safe and healthy during these uncertain, chaotic times. As anti-Asian racism continues to intensify, we know that for our community, like for so many other vulnerable communities (e.g. frontline workers, the incarcerated, gig laborers, disabled… Read More

with thanks to Olivia Wood and Olivera Jokic for sharing with us! Bristol University Press To support our research, student, policy and practice communities at this challenging time, we want you to be able to access our high quality content as easily as possible. We are partnering with all our eBook providers on various initiatives… Read More

What should you be thinking about in putting your oral exam committee together? What might you have prepared? How did you approach selecting your committee members, and asking faculty to serve on the committee? From the faculty perspective, what do you wish students to know? What is your sense of the exam? These are the… Read More