26 October 2020 Dear Everyone: My note this week opens by offering thanks to Amy Wan, Anna Zeemont, Sam O’Hana, Mark McBeth, Sharanya Dutta, Maxine Krenzel, and Mary McGlynn, for being a part of the “Teaching in Emergency” roundtable last Friday, and to Sean Nortz, Nancy Silverman, and Kent Yuen, for their vital organizational and… Read More

19 October 2020 Dear Everyone: This past Friday, thanks to the efforts of a whole lot of people, we held a virtual Open House as our Friday Forum. Going into it, I wondered if anyone would show, because really, who is thinking about applying to grad school in the midst of, well, everything?  It turns… Read More

13 October 2020 Dear Everyone: On Friday, Elizabeth Freeman graced us with a beautiful talk that invited us to move with her through the intimate links between carework and reading.  Her talk resonated strongly not only with the work we do and/or can’t do because of present circumstances, and/or that we must do as strategies… Read More

5 October 2020 Dear Everyone:   I attended a virtual conference for the first time this past weekend, hosted by the University of Virginia English Department’s graduate student association (Talia Schaffer was there, too!), and met and learned from people scattered across the country. I sorely miss in person conferences and was glad and relieved… Read More