5 April 2021

Dear Everyone:

We’ve made it to the second half of the semester! Brava to all of us for chugging along yet and still! I hope those who were able to take a break actually did last week, at least from the academic part of your lives – so many do multiple things, I know! I was glad to step away from these machines for a bit – exactly the pharmakon, no? medicine and poison both? And return terribly behind in email correspondence (!) but glad regardless for respite.

As I’ve started working my way through the inbox, I’ve delightedly seen vitality everywhere: people passing exams and submitting lists and getting prospectuses approved, and people organizing and resisting and sometimes doing both, and people sharing news and accepting offers and deciding their life’s adventures lay elsewhere. I’ve seen also the warmth of memory for Morris Dickstein – for sure a celebration of his life. And, of course, all the programing information – events and workshops and all of it. It feels vibrant to me – appropriate to the colors of spring! Grateful for such jolts of energy and hoping they’ll carry us through these final six weeks of this peculiar year.

One thing I am very much looking forward to is, as Nancy Silverman announced earlier, this Friday’s lecture by Professor Todd Craig of Medgar Evers College, one of our terrific finalists for the consortial appointment in rhetoric and composition!  Titled “’Rockin’ Records on the Daily’: DJ Rhetoric, Sonic Lineage and the Future of the Funk,” this is sure to be a fantastic event.  Please join us if you can! Also, please note that registration is required (https://gc-cuny-edu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMldO6ppzkqEtHcR5f_uzUsPaYOGZ78Pv0W).  The full event description is below and on the attached.

Hoping your reentry after break is smooth, and looking forward to being with you on Friday!

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