30 November 2020

Dear Everyone:

Almost! Almost to the end of term, to the close of 2020, to the start of new reading and writing and rhythms! I know “almost” can be excruciating and nestles perhaps too unnervingly closely with the big deferrals — of justice and equity and cherished life in robust forms — and/but, I think, it exudes also promise and potential and change.  Almost is a charge to reconnect to possibility, to cling deliberately to joy even and especially in the thick of difficulty – rooting you on, rooting us on, through and in the almost…here, the genius and joy of Alvin Ailey dancers – truly so much better than any amount of caffeine — to energize you through the almost! Offered with immense gratitude to them and to you all for the iterations of genius and joy your being and efforts bring to us.

On Friday, 4p, we’ll have opportunity to gather formally as a program for the open executive committee meeting (here’s the link to register), to be followed by Revels, thanks as ever to ESA! The formal part won’t take very long, I don’t think (you all hear from me more than you’ve ever wanted or needed, lol!), and/but I’m glad to have occasion to check in officially with everyone as we transition out of this semester and into break and the spring term.

Hoping this last full week of classes overflows with interesting ideas, and looking forward to sharing Friday’s gatherings –

And as ever, with abundant well wishes,


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